Herbs Combating with Inflammation- A Review


  • Ms.Suchita V.Ghumre
  • Dr. (Mrs) Varsha M. Jadhav
  • Dr (Mr) Vilasrao J. Kadam


Inflammation, Mechanism of inflammation, NSAID‟s, Anti-inflammatory herb


Inflammation is a component of the intricate biological replication of vascular tissue to deleterious stimuli such as
pathogens, damaged cells or irritants. The major anti-inflammatory drugs available are NSAIDS, but due to their rigorous
side-effects such as GI bleeding, ulcers, stomach upset their utilization has been constrained. Therefore to surmount the
side-effects, revelation of potent NSAIDS with very low or no gastro-intestinal side-effects is the area of prime
paramountcy. As a result of innate quandary associated with NSAID‟s there is perpetual search for alternative agents,
especially from natural sources. Several herbal drugs constitute a paramount avenue for inflammation and rheumatoid
arthritis that obviates structural damage of arthritic joint caused by tissue or bone breakdown. Additionally it is safe,
inexpensive, highly abode and convenient for many patients.