An overview on multiparticulate drug delivery system: Pellets


  • D. Sandeep
  • Sowjanya Battu


Pellets can be defined as small, free flowing, spherical or semi-spherical solid units, typically from about 0.5 mm to 1.5
mm, and intended usually for oral administration, manufactured by the agglomerates of fine powders or granules of bulk
drugs and excipients using appropriate processing equipment. Pellets can be prepared by many methods, the compaction
and drug-layering being the most widely used today. Regardless of which manufacturing process is used, pellets have to
meet the following requirements. They should be near spherical and have a smooth surface; both considered optimum
characteristics for subsequent film coating. Pellets may have varied applications in varied industries. It just requires an
innovative bend to use it to derive maximum profitability. The smooth surface & the uniform size of the pellets allow
uniform coating not only for each pellet but also from batch to batch.