A Novel Liquid Oral Formulation for 1-Octacosanol, an Anticancer Drug and Its Stability Study


  • Shaji KP
  • Umesha
  • Bharathi Salimath


Octacosanol, Bioavailability, Absorption, Emulsion, Stability


1-Octacosanol is a long chain fatty acid alcohol and a liphophilic waxy compound insoluble in water. It encounters the
challenge of active absorption in clinical settings, thus creating a necessity for the development of water soluble, bio
absorbable and palatable formulation of 1-Octacosanol, which is addressed in this study. A secondary objective is to
present this drug to pediatric and geriatric patients in a palatable manner in order to improve their compliance to the drug.
Various galenical feasibility studies were conducted to identify the specific ingredients and their respective proportions
to bring out the desired emulsion. The resultant formulation facilitates increased bioavailability. In this study, we disclose
a novel liquid oral emulsion formulation. It is a liquid oral emulsion dosage form of oil in water type containing
adjuvants like corn oil, tween -80, span-60, sucralose, flavour (raspberry), water (DM), simethicone, methyl paraban,
propyl paraban etc. The final product exhibit, a milky white emulsion, was further tested for its physical stability and its
palatability through numerous experiments.