Formulation and evaluation of double walled microspheres of esomeprazole


  • Priya Shukla
  • Ch.S.Vijayavani
  • V.Uma Maheshwar Rao


Esomeprazole sodium, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, Sodium alginate, Evaluation


The present study involves the preparation of double walled microspheres of Esomeprazole sodium. Esomeprazole
microspheres are mainly designed to achieve constant release of the drug over long periods of time. Preformulation studies
were carried out before formulation design. Total seven formulations were prepared using two different polymers viz.,
Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose and sodium alginate in various ratios. Microspheres were discrete, spherical, and freeflowing and showed a good percentage of drug entrapment efficiency. FT-IR spectraof the physical mixture revealed that
the drug is compatible with the polymers and copolymer used. In-vitro dissolution test was carried out. All the
formulations showed good dissolution profiles. Among all the formulation F6 showed good dissolution profile with
97.80% of drug release in 12 hours. . In-vitro release kinetic data of Esomeprazole microspheres showed that the drug
release follows showed that the drug release from the formulations followed the Non fickian diffusion mechanism and
follows zero order kinectics.Stability studies were done for the selected formulation which indicates that there is no change
in drug content of the formulation. Based on the results of evaluation tests formulation coded F6 was concluded as
best formulation. The results of this investigation indicate that Ion gelation method can be successfully employed to
fabricate Esomeprazole microspheres