A Study on Pharmacokinetic Drug - Drug Interactions between Albuterol with Beta Blocker Carvedilol in Wistar Rats


  • Ramya Balaprabha G Research Scholar, Mewar University, Chittorgarh-312901, Rajasthan, India
  • Nagulu M Research Supervisor, Mewar University, Chittorgarh-312901, Rajasthan, India


Albuterol, carvedilol, Pharmacokinetic parameters, Drug-drug interactions (DDIs)


Patients with cardiovascular diseases are often treated by concurrent multiple drug therapy. It is therefore plausible that with an increasing number of drugs the risk of drug interactions increases. Such interactions can be either pharmacodynamic  (and  are  due  to  the  mechanism  of  the  administered  drugs)  or  they  can  be  pharmacokinetic (resulting in a reduction or enhancement of drug elimination). Pharmacokinetic interactions can be either due to interactions  at  the  level  of  drug  metabolizing  enzymes  (most  important  cytochrome  P450  (CYP)  enzymes)  or interactions  at  the  level  of  drug  transporter  proteins  (for  example  P-glycoprotein  (MDR1)).  It  is  important  to distinguish between both mechanisms because interactions at transporter proteins can be attributed to those drugs that are not enzymatically metabolized. The present study was aimed to conduct to evaluate any possible pharmacokinetic interactions between albuterol and carvedilol in male wistar rats. The results were showed no significant difference in the tmax   of  Carvedilol  alone and  combination  with  albuterol  on  day 1  and  day 8  respectively.  These  were  no significant difference in both cmax  and tmax  of albuterol alone and combination of Carvedilol on day 1 and day 8 respectively. And there was no significance difference in AUC0-t and AUCo-inf    also in alone and combination of both drugs on day 1 and day 8th.   Based on the results obtained from kinetic study it is evident that the single dose of albuterol and Carvedilol individually and concomitantly treated shows no statistically significant interactions in its pharmacokinetic parameters.