Formulation and evaluation of mucoadhesive buccal tablets of aceclofenac by using natural binders


  • Gwaliory Yash Dept. Of pharmaceutics, shribherulal pharmacy institute, indore (m.p) India
  • Tikariya Komal Dept. Of pharmaceutics, shribherulal pharmacy institute, indore (m.p) India


Orodispersible tablets, Aceclofenac, Natural super Disintegrant, Rheumatoid arthritis, Inclusion complex, In-vitro drug release.


The aim of the study is to formulate orodispersible tablet of Aceclofenac for the pain management of rheumatoid arthritis and to improve the efficacy and patient compliance. In the present work, orodispersible tablets of Aceclofenac were prepared by direct compression method using Hibiscus rosasinesis leaves mucilage as natural super disintegrant with a view to enhance patient compliance and to avoid hepatic first pass metabolism and to improve its bioavailability. The prepared batches of tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, drug content uniformity, wetting time, water-absorption ratio and in-vitro dispersion time. Addition of Drug: β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex leads to improve the dissolution characteristics and solubility of drug at optimum concentration (1:5). It was found that the formulation F5 was found to be optimized formulation from the data obtained. It is observed from the formulation F5 which shown disintegration time 30±1.25 sec. and percentage cumulative drug release shown 95.84±2.08 within 30 minute. The best formulations F5 was analyzed for short-term stability studies on the promising formulation indicated that there are no significant changes in drug content and in vitro dispersion time. The formulation was found to be stable.